The Ultimate Guide to Finding SWAT Training on LEO Network

Published: November 18, 2023

Are you a law enforcement officer looking for specialized SWAT training? Look no further than LEO Network, North America's largest law enforcement training and event calendar. With nearly 1000 upcoming classes listed at any given moment, LEO Network makes it easier than ever to find the SWAT training you need. In this comprehensive guide, we'll walk you through everything you need to know about finding and accessing SWAT training on LEO Network.

1. Understanding LEO Network

LEO Network is a one-stop platform for law enforcement officers to discover, access, and sign up for a wide range of training programs, including specialized SWAT training. The platform features over 4800 course reviews and is 100% free for everyone, including companies. Whether you're looking for in-person classes or on-demand online courses, LEO Network has you covered.

2. Navigating the Training Calendar

With a user-friendly interface, LEO Network's training calendar allows you to filter and search for upcoming SWAT training classes by category, state, company, and recent additions. This makes it incredibly convenient to find the specific type of training you're looking for, whether it's related to tactical operations, crisis intervention, or de-escalation techniques.

3. Testimonials from Law Enforcement Officers

Real feedback from fellow law enforcement officers who have attended SWAT training through LEO Network can provide valuable insights into the quality and effectiveness of the programs. Testimonials such as those from Michael Ricks Training and Guthrie PD can help you make informed decisions about which SWAT training courses to pursue.

4. Creating a Free Account

Signing up for a free LEO Network account unlocks a range of benefits, including personalized training recommendations based on your location and preferences. Additionally, account holders receive exclusive discounts on law enforcement merchandise and equipment, ensuring that you're not only getting access to top-notch training but also saving on essential gear for your SWAT operations.

5. Exploring the Job Openings Board

In addition to training opportunities, LEO Network also offers a free job openings board where public agencies and private companies can post law enforcement job opportunities at no cost. If you're considering new career opportunities in the field of SWAT or law enforcement in general, be sure to check out the Job Board for potential career advancements.

6. Partnering with LEO Network

For training and equipment entities, LEO Network provides a unique opportunity to reach over 15,000 law enforcement officers by partnering with the platform. By registering a company and supporting LEO Network's mission, organizations can advertise their services and products to a targeted audience of law enforcement professionals at no cost.


Finding SWAT training has never been easier thanks to LEO Network. By leveraging the platform's extensive training calendar, user testimonials, free account benefits, job openings board, and partnership opportunities, law enforcement officers can access the specialized training they need to excel in SWAT operations. Whether you're an experienced SWAT team member or aspiring to join a tactical unit, LEO Network is your go-to resource for staying ahead in the world of law enforcement.

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