8/4/23 - Now when you post a training host request, it gets listed on our websites training calendar under the state you chose as well as the training categories you chose. It is still included in the emails.

7/30/23 - You no longer need to approve your course reviews. From this point forward reviews will be private unless you chose to SPOTLIGHT them for public display.

7/1/23 - We now advertise your spotlighted reviews throughtout our website for students to see, at no cost. All you have to do is SPOTLIGHT your favorite reviews, our system will randomly display all spotlighted reviews to over 3000 website visitors every month! You can view the current display count under the spotlight reviews tab.


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LEO Network is completely free service designed for training organizations that provide training to law enforcement. We have several great features that make us the best.

- Join over 110 other training organizations and make it easy for sworn officers to find your training.
- A lightning fast and simple way to post hundreds of classes on our calendar in minutes. The fastest you've ever used, guaranteed!
- A free training newsletter that sends all training in each state to any subscriber who has chosen that state or province.
- A QR code that allows students to leave reviews in seconds.
- If you use our review system, we'll give you extra promotion on our website and social media accounts.
- A three click method to automatically generate up to 500 certificates in 30 seconds. The systenm will email them to students instantaneously.
- Download a copy of the course reviews in one convenient file.
- Looking to expand? Send a hosting request to all our subscribers in a specific state, or all subscribers in the country.
- Having a sale or special deal? Announce it in our email newsletter and on our website.
- We post your classes to our 8000 + social media followers.
- The largest and only 100% free law enforcement calendar in existence.
- We've become the largest law enforcement training calendar in North America in only six months, and were growing fast.
- We've made it as easy as possible for law enforcement to find training. A true one stop shop for law enforcement training and events!
- Grow your organization by gaining national exposure to thousands of cops, and get direct to the email inboxes and social media accounts of law enforcement professions in the areas you need.


LEO Network is a completely FREE to companies and law enforcement, but before companies and organizations can post anything on our calendar, they must create an account.


Watch our video on how easy it is to add and manage your classes!

All posted events are sent to the applicable email subscribers and shared on our social media accounts in addition to being shared on our website calendar.

To make our newsletter the best there is, we allow subscribers to select the states they want notifications for and the frequency they want to receive our newsletter. This prevents the user from getting tired of seeing our emails, and helps to keep subscribers interested. When you post an event, it will only be emailed to subscribers who have elected to receive updates for the state the event is occuring in.


You can add just about anything. In person and online classes, conferences, podcasts, books, audiobooks, seminars, fundraisers and law enforcement events.


Watch our video on how easy it is to manage reviews and generate your review file

We encourage users to leave class and event reviews to highlight and support the excellent training companies are providing. We offer every company a free QR code to add to their presentations. This allows the students to scan it with their smartphone (from their seat in class) and instantly be taken to your company profile. The profile contains a quick link to post a review with preflighted course information. Preflighting the course information makes it quick and as easy as possible for students to share their thoughts and opinions.


The instructor can log in and instantly view the event reviews before we even approve them to the website. This will allow instructors to reward class attendees by randomly giving away merch for leaving a review, if they choose to do so.


Companies can now post responses to submitted reviews.


A unique feature we offer is the ability for students to leave a private and anonymous comment to the instructor. These comments are visible only to the company. This is designed to encourage students to provide open and honest critiques, without blasting them in public, helping companies and instructors improve courses and instruction techniques. These comments will contain no other information other the comment itself to protect students privacy.


Watch our video on how easy it is to create and email certificates!

You now have the ability to generate course certificates and email them to the entire class with the push of a couple of buttons. Our system will dynamically create and email each student their certificate.

After the students leave their reviews, you will be able to review the students names and compare them to a class roster. Each student will automatically be notified their certificate is ready for download. You're done in about a minute with zero hassle!


We automatically generate a free QR code for your company the moment you register. We designed this QR code with the intent that it be placed in your course presentation, near the end of your course allowing users to scan it with their phone, from their seat. This dramatically simplifies the review process, saving you time and money handling reviews. This QR code links directly to your company profile and provides a quick and easy way for students to leave course reviews.


The QR code we provide you will bring students directly to your public company profile. They can also view your:

- Contact information
- Website
- Company information
- Company rating
- Course reviews
- Announcements
- Upcoming courses


When you add an announcement, we'll post it on our website for cops to see and we'll include it in our training newsletter to all subscibers allowing your information to reach as many people as possible.

Announcements must contain information about specials, deals, discounts or rare events. They can not be edited or deleted once submitted, so please proofread them carefully before submitting.


Post an area where you'd like someone to host one of your training events.

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