Interdiction Mastermind

Really helped me better grasp how to build RAS through interviewing while also documenting it in reports. The front seat videos really helped me see reactions that I’m already seeing and may have missed previously.
Abigail - Uncasville, CT

Great class! Instructor was able to educate and keep you entertained at the same time. Highly recommend.
Kyle - Cumming, GA

Very informative class.
Russell - Cumming, GA

Awesome content, very knowledgeable instructor.
Levi - Cumming, GA

One of the best interdiction classes I have attended..
Mike - Cumming, GA

Very informative class. Good content and good examples to reference
Tim - Fort Collins , CO

Very great class!
Tyler - Fort Collins , CO

This course gave me a ton of tools, tactics, and confidence to find the drugs and guns that got me excited about being in this career. It also showed me how quickly I take people at their word and move on without much follow up investigation. Really excited to try this stuff out.
Ryan - Fort Collins , CO

This course isn’t being offered on a Regular basis in my agency. Was recently passed up due to limited space offered by RCMP. My current agency doesn’t have an interdiction unit and I see a great potential with this information to make a case to have one.
Luke - Fort Collins , CO

Keeps crowd engaged, funny and love the videos .
Veronica - Fort Collins , CO

100% of students recommend this course.

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