Prescriptive Interview & Interrogation

Great class! Curriculum was well thought out and thorough! Definitely recommend!
Megan - Valley Center, CA

The course is extremely informative. There is a lot of content that is presented in the 3 days of the course. The instructors do a great job of being actively engaged with the class.
Scott - Valley Center, CA

Excellent class to think about all that can be done prior to and during an interview to lead towards a confession.
Christopher - Valley Center, CA

Great experience from the instructors.
Darrel - Valley Center, CA

This was a great class. The instructors are well versed in this area of expertise. They also provided great interactive exercises to apply what was taught.
Kevin - Valley Center, CA

I would not recommend this course to LE.
Sean - Valley Center, CA

83% of students recommend this course.

Prescriptive Interview & Interrogation
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