Criminal Interdiction

This is one of the best interdiction classes I’ve been to in 23 years. If your agency will not send you, invest in yourself and pay your own way!
Gary - Durant, OK

Bauer was very knowledgeable and taught based upon his own perspective and experience. I would recommend this course to any cops ranging from all skill levels.
David - Abilene, KS

Class was great! Bauer is an excellent and knowledgeable instructor! Highly recommended his class!
Anthony - Abilene, KS

I recently attended an outstanding police interdiction training provided by Ace Interdiction tactics, and I highly recommend it! The instructors were true experts, their passion for law enforcement evident in their engaging and informative teaching style. The comprehensive class material covered all aspects of police interdiction, supported by real-life examples and up-to-date research. The exercises and simulations were invaluable, providing practical experience to enhance our skills. This training has been a game-changer for me as a law enforcement professional, and I'm grateful for the opportunity to have participated. Kudos to the instructors and organizers for delivering such a top-tier training program!
Konner - Provo, UT

Attention grabbing and best presentation I have personally been too in a while. Well done
Michael - Abilene, KS

Bauer did a great job, one of the better interdiction classes I have been to. He did a great job explaining the roadside conversation and videos were excellent.
Craig - Abilene, KS

Good training course for any law enforcement officer trying to become more effective with criminal interdiction.
Dustin - Abilene, KS

This class is a MUST HAVE! The experience was great and the knowledge that I gained was substantial!
Johnathan - Durant, OK

Great class with a lot of great information and energy from instructors. For someone with several trainings and years of experience, there was still a lot of very valuable information and reminders of the best tactics.
Jared - Durant, OK

Very great class with great instructors. Taught the class from start to finish and that’s not always taught. Very knowledgeable and willing to give real life examples
Nathan - Durant, OK

100% of students recommend this course.

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