Source Nexus Interdiction

Good class. Lots of good information. Look forward to more training.
Dallas - Flagstaff, AZ

I personally liked the case studies at the end. It is always helpful to see real life scenarios from instructors experiences.
Tyler - Flagstaff, AZ

Ryan’s class is a phenomenal, basic interdiction class that’s a great intro for new interdiction officers and a great refresher for those who are more seasoned. Ryan’s unique perspective on the interdiction of west coast vehicles is comprehensive and he most certainly boasts the experience to match it. This class has a little something for everyone.
Travis - Flagstaff, AZ

Ryan does a great job teaching this class and includes real recent body cam footage on how he applies what he teaches in this class. Beginners along with seasoned interdictors should consider taking this class as it would benefit them in this profession.
Nate - Flagstaff, AZ

Great course with very informative examples. Ryan presents the information great and gives great examples
Keanu - Flagstaff, AZ

Excellent presentation, instructor was clear and precise on topics presented. Great explanation of cues/ clues in the interdiction field.
Kolby - Flagstaff, AZ

Great course! Good information for agencies that don’t have much resources.
Dion - Flagstaff, AZ

Very good information and well presented!
Eric - Flagstaff, AZ

Lots of good information
Augustine - Flagstaff, AZ

Leon m - Flagstaff, AZ

100% of students recommend this course.

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