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Episode 1: Jasen Ortiz from Triple Zero Tactical in New Jersey

Jasen and David discuss how Jasen and his partner thought of and created Triple Zero Tactical in New Jersey as well as the classes and training they can bring to you and your agency.
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Episode #5: Josh Nelson from Force Frontier

Jason speaks with Josh Nelson from Force Frontier about his firearms training organization in Ohio.
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Episode 2: Michael Ricks from Michael Ricks Training LLC in Georgia

On this episode we are joined by Michael Ricks. Michael gives us insight on the gangs and human trafficking as a gang task force officer in Atlanta Georgia.
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Episode #6 Michael Azrate Blue Line Guardians

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One of the worlds leading manufacturers of contraband detection products.

Cameron Duarte

"I’ve been to a lot of interdiction courses. This is no disrespect to any other Instructor, but Al and Bauer have offered the best interdiction class I’ve ever been to. "

ACE Interdiction Tactics

Interdiction Tactics

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