We have a TON of great features that are completely FREE for everyone, we're going to lst them all outfor you here.

- We are completely FREE for members, training organizations, and equipment/merch comapnies!
- Your free membership includes access to exclusive merch and equipment deals you wont find anywhere else.
- We never SPAM you or sell your information.
- Our platform is designed for mobile devices
- We only send you training in the states you choose. Everything in your newsletter is relative to you! Did I mention absolutely NO SPAM??
- We post upcoming classes on our Facebook and Instagram accounts!
- Users can post a request for a specific type of training or companies can posts requests for a training host.
- Training, equipment and merch reviews
- Users can find in person and online classes, webinars, podcasts, fundraisers, conferences, books and audiobooks.
- Countless search filters.
- We consolidate training, training company deals, and equipment/merch deals in one place.
- Job opportunities section for laterals, new hires, and private companies looking to hire active or retired cops.
- Each company gets a company profile where you can find everything for that company.

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