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Justice Clearinghouse

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From your neighborhood cop, to prosecutors, the probation officers, court staff — even the academics who research and study this sector, we help justice professionals stay on top of the trends, best practices, and success stories in their industry through articles, webinars, and training. While a significant portion of our members are from the law enforcement arena, we have members come from all reaches of the Justice/Public Safety arena The mix of justice professionals attending our webinars will vary depending on the topic. With more than 150,000 justice and public safety professionals in our community, The Justice Clearinghouse is the first organization to espouse an interdisciplinary approach to understanding and resolving the challenges affecting our justice and public safety arena. As a peer-to-peer educational environment, we offer a year-round “virtual conference” for budget-challenged and time-starved justice professionals to learn from the thought leaders, innovators, researchers, and street-wise, experienced professionals in their fields, without the cost, travel, or time out of the office. The justice arena is an integrated profession. Law enforcement works in partnership with prosecutors. Prosecutors rely on forensics professionals. Courtroom professionals are impacted by the cases prosecutors bring forth. Incarceration, Probation, and Parole staff see the results of the investigative process. Academic, and professional researchers evaluate and provide evidence-based recommendations for improvement. Each segment of our community is important: each relies on the other for superior professionalism. But all too often, local area departments and divisions simply do not have the resources to provide all the training they would like, nor the ability to fund staff to attend national conferences. That's how JCH was born. Rather than "sending" justice professionals off to conferences, taking them days out of the field and at great expense, why not bring a year-round, virtual conference to the justice community, thus creating a "learning-on-demand," just-in-time professional development environment?

Established in 2014

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