LEO Network's Premium Registration and Invoicing System FAQ

This informational page is still under construction and has not beeen finished!

Recent premium updates

We'll highlight important updates and changes to our premium system here.

4/14/24 - We've added the ability to find events by event number and find invoices by student name or invoice number.

3/25/24 - The file upload and share to class registrant system is now live. Upload your handouts and cheatsheets to the server.

When you add classes, you can select which files will be made available to students. When the event begins, the files will automatically be made available to the students in their LEO-Network student account. No more printing handouts. These files stay in the users account even after the class ends.

3/10/24 - We've added the ability to search invoices by agency or date range.

3/1/24 - We are currently working on implementing the ability to upload files to your profile. This will provide you numerous options. You can make files available to students for your class, removing the need to print dozens of copies for each class. You can make important files availabel to students as soon as they register, and lastly, you can make files available to everyone in your public profile.

LEO Network premium is FREE for law enforcement 501c3 organizations!

Why should I use LEO Network premium?

Here's an overview of the meat and potatoes of our system.

What makes LEO Network's invoicing and registration system better than other options?

It's not even close... We have more reach, more features, low or no cost for your organization and we are quickly becoming the gold standard.

Here's the facts:

Fully automated!?!

Everything that can be automated, has been.

Here's the facts:

Students can update their own invoices after they are created.

After a registration is taken and an invoice is created, the invoice creator and all students added to the invoice have the ability to update important parts of the invoice. This saves your organization from having to constantly fix or update invoices.

Here's how it works

Easily share files, templates, and cheatsheets With students

Custom automatically generated invoices

Advanced options for adding classes

As well as the basic information you would expect for your class information, our system also allows the following features:

Custom registration settings set by you

Communicating with attendees

Message both upcoming and past event attendees (by event). Your message is automatically sent via email and text message to attendees. Text messages are only sent if the attendee has enabled text message communications.

Event management & certificate creation

Find invoices easier than ever

We've made it as easy as possible to find past invoices.

Late invoice management


Invoice credits & refund tracking

Integrated dynamic coupon system

No charge refunds

Our credit card processing partner refunds credit card fees paid during the purchase when payments are refunded so you don't get stuck with them.

This refers onlh to credit card processing fees, not the .30 transaction fee.

Invoice management

Convenient event status tracking email

Enable the email tracking option to receive a custom email each morning summarizing payments, refunds, and the number of registered attendees for each upcoming event. Select as many people as you want to receive this email.

Invoice summary sheets by event

Each event has an automatically generated printable invoice summary sheet which summarizes all invoice numbers, payments, refunds and credits for hard copy storage.

Automatically generated student sign-in rosters

Student sign in rosters are automatically generated alphabetically by student last name.

Community late invoice tracking center

All companies who use our registration service will have access to the Community Late Invoice Tracking Center. This area track and display a limited amount of information about any agencies who are failing to pay invoices across ALL COMPANIES on our platform. This allows companies to work together to collectively identify agencies who aren’t properly settling their debts. You may require payment upfront from agencies who struggle paying for training on time.

Custom registration questionnaire

Unlimited registrations per invoice

A single person can register an unlimited number of people per invoice.

Automatic class reminders for students

Email and text message reminders are automatically sent to students when their upcoming event is 7 and 30 days before each event.

Customize your registration forms appearance

Customize the coloring of your registration form to match your website design for a smooth transition.

Automatic notifications to host agencies

When enabled, class hosts will automatically be notified every two weeks of the current number of registered students for the event they are hosting.

Automatic notifications to course instructors

When enabled, class instructors will automatically be notified weekly of the current number of registered students for the event they are teaching.

Upload flyers, W9's, insurance Documents & more

Sponsoring a state or category (paid)

If your organization would like to sponsor a category or state on our training calendar, your company information will be listed at the top of calendar for the selected state or category for a reasonable recurring monthly fee. Email us at contact@leo-network.com for more information.

Premium members will receive one part of our advertising package for free!

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